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Well if you don't know now you know. One of Sydney's most dynamic fashion events is stopping by to have a visit and tickets are available now! Over a 4 day period, the MBFF will play host to an assemblage of blossoming designers such as Jasu, Steven Khalil, Zambesi & Khalo.  Prices vary on the perks available on the night and, depending on how much mula your willing to fork out, you could be sitting in the front row nibbling on caviar platters like the high roller that you are. The SheKudo team will be covering the show from to 'oohs' all the way down to the 'dayuumms!'. We can already see it in our sites and this is going to be one KILLA event. 

W: Mercedes Benz Fashion Festival 
W: Wednesday 21st - Saturday 24th AUGUST 
W: The Carriage Works, REDFERN 
$ : Tickets starting from $50 

So quit stalling and grab this opportunity tightly around the cojones to get your quick fashion fix. Those are the doctors orders so we will see you there! (You'll probably catch us lingering around the champagne table.) 

MBFF Website: 

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Friday, 14 June 2013

"UPP-ing the anti on Sydney's ethically conscious fashion market"

 Here at SheKudo, we hail all things revamped & reinvented. That's exactly what 3rd year Whitehouse Institute of design students created by collaborating their pieces solely on re-cycled selects from Sydney's generous array of Red Cross charity stores.

The showcase, titled "BowerBird" was held last Thursday in the style cradle of Surry Hills. The cherry on top: all profits went toward the Australian Red Cross. Social consciousness through fashion is always a great thing to see, especially from young local designers  creating awareness about themes such as sustainability.

In addition, this was further reiterated by the designers teaming up with one of Australia's most beneficial causes toward peace and prevention in war affected countries. The showcase ranged from delicate, hand crafted lace items to bold floral patterns (.. pretty much everything that screams your local op shop) and embellishments combining good ol' vintage with contemporary inspired ready to wear garments. The event also played host to some avant-garde live art from Space 44 and high profile entertainment.

Props goes to this fantastic initiative by Whitehouse and Red Cross, we'll be stretching our ears listening out for the next lot. For extra info on the event and everything in between you can check out the following links!

Whitehouse Institute of Design Website:
Bowerbird YouTube Channel:
Bowerbird Facebook Page:
Red Cross Website:

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Wednesday, 8 May 2013

STYLE: Canberra FashFest 2013

The beautiful town of Canberra has made a somewhat monumental step in slipping out from under the radar with Fashion Festival 2013 or in other words FASHFEST! The SheKudo team excitedly headed down for 2 (Friday & Saturday) of the 4 days where FashFest took place within an enigmatic industrial space of Brindabella. With doors flying open to an awaiting crowd at 7pm, there was an energetic hubbub that filled the atmosphere. The predominant organiser; Zoo Advertising performed a bloody good job to ensure all guests felt welcome, warm (despite the chilly weather) & entertained. There were photo-ops on the 'wall of fame', an endless supply of champagne - the liquid gold & a little more photo-ops with the Demi-God like men (thanks to the main sponsor Westfield!) wielding overly large frames scoping for a snap with the next hopeless romantic in the crowd. Meanwhile backstage, models hurriedly frolicked to attend to their nested hair or find the matching shoe to their  corresponding ensemble - preparing the finishing touches as over 400 guests per night were seated.

THE VIBES: Each night delivered unique local talent with continuous funk filled soundscapes. DJ Doppel A.K.A Andy McMillan, covered the Friday night with his engaging electronic style. Blending deep house sounds with intricate instrumentals, Doppel maintained uplifting beats throughout the room.

For the closing night, guests sat starry eyed in fascination as Magnifik (Ashley Feraude) collaborated with Mr. Micheal with his super skilled violinist melodies. Together the tunes created a melancholic techno synth-symphony flowing perfectly with the movement on the runway!


Designer, Suzan with models of collection: SZN

THE FASHION: OK it's time to get down to the nitty gritty.
The Friday night consisted of designs worthy of turning heads, pushing boundaries of the postmodern. To open the night was Suzan Dloughy's SZN; economically merging pre-consumer waste and innovative material use to develop comfortable ready to wear garments. Following that included Alice Sutton's EDITION, Annette Clarke's DISSONANCE KAREN LEE. Intriguing stand outs definitely had to be 4 MINUTES 33 which consisted of a heavily layered women's wear collection accompanied by the iconic onitsuka Tiger kicks (trust me it worked). There was some obvious  Sci-Fi inspiration shining through in  THEY LIED! WE CAN FLY. The pieces sat under the costume header heavily clad with hardware zippers and aesthetic wiring (think of the 5th element X Tron: Legacy). Lastly, Project Runway winner, Anthony Capon brought everything he had to the sewing table with black on black fluid drapery & the occasional sheer elements here and there designed to complement any figure!


A & S catching up with Zoe Brown (WND.LND)
Clint Hutchinson; Zoo Advertising
The final night saw the models trotting down the runway sporting:
Louisa de Smet & Steven Wrights'; CORR BLIMEY
Stephanie Coopers'; APERIODIC
Morgan Hubbards'; U.L.E
Sara Poguets' MEC AND THE MAID (M&TM)
 & MONT Adventure Equipment

Corr Blimey
Perpetually Five
SCARLETTE by Stephanie Tallos defines the term "less is more" with her line only consisting of autumn inspired block colours of whites, burnt orange and deep blues. A pattern of structured pieces emerged as the models traipsed out. These highly wearable garments proved to be the people's choice--except for well..

Corr Blimey

The Wall of Fame with Zoe, Sara (Hunter), Lisa (Lisa T)

Designers Sarah and Lisa of HUNTER and LISA-T

WAHALAAA! Tears of pride welled up in the eyes of all of the SheKudo fans as it seemed the models came out of the womb flaunting the West-African/Contemporary style pieces. It was just so natural! Shetu Simone & Amy Iheakanwa have soared from the launch pad and managed to land a sweet gig at the Canberra FashFest 2013. Besides from the shoe  shortage issue & a couple of pre show butterflies, the fab & fierce garments worked harmoniously together. For those of you who aren't familiar with SheKudos' WAHALA collection, it is made up of two personalities: contemporary light weight pieces challenging the concept of complacent fashion with bold African Wax print patterns, slabs of bare skin and sprinkles of sheer fabric  here and there. The other side of this two faced line; refurbished denim. Exactly what you think it is. SheKudo brought back the denim on denim you never thought was going to resurface with hints of character! (We are talking decked out chains, studs & digitally embellished cropped tees--without looking too much like a member of Hells Angels..) SheKudo really set the bar for future aspiring designers & we are all no doubt itching to see what these two talented ladies have in store for us next time.

Photo Credit: Martin Ollman
Photo Credit: Martin Ollman

Photo Credit: Martin Ollman

In closing, the SheKudo team would like to thank and acknowledge all of the effort that went into creating such a brilliant night.

 Big shout outs and thanks go to:
Clint Hutchinson; Founder of Zoo Advertising & FashFest
Steve Wright; Co-ordinator
Nicholas Ellis: Associate Producer
Wendy Johnson; PR/Media
Lauren Bland
Erica Foster
Angela Timani
Jessica Tipping
Barbara-Jane Kors
Ilana Davies
Kate Cooper
Alyse Bell

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The SheKudo 'Wahala' Collection

We thank everyone for their patience with the SheKudo Func Blog, as we are currently working hard on delivering our Collection 'Wahala' - to the world. While the launch was a major success, there is still a lot of work to be done. SheKudo will soon be expanding the SheKudo Func Blog team and will be back on board bringing you the latest in Underground Aussie Fashion and Hip Hop very soon.

In the meantime, keep an eye out for the online store which is steady creeping its way around the corner.
Thanks again for all the love and support, - we can only keep growing from here.
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